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Why Open a Dog Daycare Franchise in Michigan

Michigan Dog Daycare Store10 More Reasons To Own A Dogtopia Dog Day Care in Michigan

1) Dogtopia is the leading world brand in dog daycare franchise in Michigan.

2) Dogtopia’s proprietary marketing success program and in-house marketing staff offers the best solutions in the dog daycare franchise business.

3) Dogtopia’s sophisticated point of sale system helps you track what works.

4) Dogtopia’s HR (human resources) support and management training. Dogtopia will show you how to start a dog day care franchise.

5) Dogtopia’s highly marketable retail program.

6) Dogtopia’s streamlined “Discovery Day” with hands-on opportunities to learn everything about owning a dog day-care franchise business.

7) Dogtopia’s partnership with the leading franchise realty company puts the science and experience behind finding the right location with best potential for success.

8) Dogtopia’s partnership with Thomas Franchise Solutions. This gives you access to the leader in franchise investment, consulting and marketing.

9) Dogtopia is a proud member of the International Franchise Association and VetFran.

10) Dogtopia and Michigan Dog DayCare are the fastest growing daycare in the US and Michigan with over 400 locations planned nationwide and up to 10 locations throughout MI.

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