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Why is Dogtopia of Michigan Different

Why is Dogtopia of Michigan different than other independently owned dog day cares and franchised locations in the Metro Detroit area?

Dogtopia is the fastest growing dog day care franchise for a reason. Our open play layout encourages hours of fun for our furry friends. Our locations combine pleasing aesthetics that feel like you are taking your dog to a spa. Appealing color design, ceramic tile lobbies, Corian counter-tops and  important safety considerations to ensure parents feel good about where they are leaving their dogs to play.

Dogtopia’s New and Improved Design:

  • High End Spa Feel
  • Solid walls with separate, distinct playrooms and no use of fencing. The dogs are separated based on size and temperament.
  • Climate-controlled playrooms to enhance monitoring and minimize spread of airborne viruses.
  • All rooms are staffed by experienced employees. They are in the playrooms 100% of the time.
  • Compressed recycled rubber flooring to ease stress on joints and prevent slipping. Especially important for breeds that are prone to hip dyslpasia.
  • Live webcams for dog owners.

Our design and open layout is focused on providing dogs and their families with an exceptional dog daycare experience and is one reason why daycare is our most popular and consistent service, generating the largest portion of revenue. Dogtopia does not discriminate against any breed and welcomes social dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities.

Please contact Michigan Dog Daycare if you would like to learn more about a Dogtopia Franchise.


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